Love & Romance

This book is the specialised follow-up of the underground e-book Cubaconga, which you should read first, with lots more to tell about love and sex on Cuba.

If you did not read CubaConga, you would not buy this book. You will think it is way too expensive. Or you are throwing your money away on the internet without thinking. It costs a whopping 1 euro per page (17 pages, 17 euros). Dan Browns Angels and Demons would cost 578,– at that price (and it is a lot better written!).

Good info has value

After reading  CubaConga however, you will know what the quality of information is we are offering, and you will understand its value. Specialised information is worth a lot because it has a huge positive effect!

You better be awake if you want to dream…

This book will provide you with:

– Insight in the sexual mentality of the Cubans and how to handle that attitude best.

– It shows you how the system works and how you can use it to your advantage

– Makes you understand the almost weird sexual culture in Cuba.

In short, it will increase tenfold your carnal pleasures when on the Island while avoiding the hefty ‘no clue tax’ as explained in the original book.

Don’t buy it yet

Don’t buy it yet, read CubaConga first! On this page, we have a time-saving tip for you…

Ebook Love&Romance 17 euro  

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