Things about Cuba you want to know before you go.

Things about Cuba you want to know before you take a plane:

I’ve got a tough reality for you: Nothing that you know about Cuba is true. OK, I’ll admit, it is an island and they have a lot of old cars, but the rest of what you think you know??? Simply NOT true. (And those battered oldtimers have modern diesel engines.)
So if you want to go to Cuba, you should get informed. Getting informed is a lot more complicated than it seems at first glance.

Disinformation on the internet

Most information available on the Internet or in travel guides is not true either. Most sources don’t lie to you; they just don’t realise that 3 major factors are blocking their objectivity:

1 reference frame:

Cubans have a totally different world vieuw, and if you observe Cuban life with your western reference frame, you get most situations wrong.

2 Commercial interests:

If you tell the naked truth about Cuba, two things might happen.

– You might not organise any trips to Cuba anymore, simply because you might loose your permit.

– You might lose a lot of customers because they want the rosy romantic picture. Those are excellent arguments to apply some self-censorship.

3 Political points of view:

Most people interested in Cuba and publishing about this country have strong political views. They are either in favour of the socialist system or strong opponents.
Although I still suffer a bit from the first handicap, I have no commercial interests in Cuba, nor do I have a political view. So this alternative travel guide will show you the truth about Cuba as it is. (At least as good as possible).

You see it when you get it

This book comes with a few simple guarantees:
– It will save you at least 200$ a week in Cuba
– It will give you a lot of insight into how Cuba works
– It will help you have more fun with the locals
– It will show you how to avoid rip-offs (f.e. real beggars don’t exist)
And if it does not do all of that, you get your money back.anonymous

About us.

Who am I that I think I can explain you stuff about Cuba?
First of all, I have to stay anonymous. (And I realise this is not a selling point, but I have to protect my friends and sources. Cuba is still a police state where stating  an opinion can cause harm).

I’ve travelled Cuba for the last 15 years and know the country very well.

Luck and skill brought me Cuban friends that slowly opened up on the real Cuba, and after a few years, they started filling me in on the real situation in Cuba. (If my identity gets known, I can be linked to them, and they might suffer the consequences).

Get informed about Cuba

A good friend, which has been living on the island for over 17 years, once said: ‘If you think you understand Cuba you don’t have a clue!’ That kind of sums up Cuba!
I do not pretend to know it all, but I know a lot. So let me help you to make the most out of your Cuban experience!
To give you an impression of the book before you buy it, you can read a sample for free here.
The book is full of tips and tricks to make your stay a success.
Do yourself (and me) a favor and read it before you take off to Cuba! And if you don’t like it… I’ll refund you completely… (And I’m not a Cuban 🙂 )

HERE is a simple tip that will save you a few hours upon arrival…

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