Must see Trinidad

Last update May 2018
Trinidad Cuba

Although it’s one of the most touristic towns in Cuba, Trinidad is a must see!

Every day the tour buses arrive to spit out the tourist from the all-inclusive resorts.

Trinidad after 5

They walk around all day and are off again to their hotels around 5. That’s where the town gets interesting. With the hordes of white legs & sandals gone, it becomes once again the lively colonial town it once was with a hand full of travelers added to it. Music fills the square, and soon people begin to dance. The locals mingle with the remaining tourists, and everybody has fun in a relaxed atmosphere.

Trinidad is not Cuba

Trinidad is without question one of the most beautiful places in Cuba. I would recommend staying for a few days, spent the days away from the town (loads of things to see and to do in the environment) or at the beach. Make sure your back after the buses leave, and you will have a very good time. However, it has not much to do with Cuba. It’s a showcase; it’s a museum and a tourist trap. (Depending on your perspective.)


Because Trinidad is full of tourists… it’s full of Jineteros. The CubaConga way of dealing with Jineteros is very efficient here!

Trinidad at night
Trinidad at night

A warning for the ladies: The good-looking black man with the white hat falls in love every night… It is not you; it is his ‘job’…

Night life continues in La Cueva, a discotheque in a cave.  I love it!

Book yourself a Casa Particular ahead. Most of them are lovely colonial houses in their original state. They are all professional B&Bs with good food and excellent service.

Insider Tip

Go and eat at Julia’s in La Boca if you want a real Cuban experience… Just hop in a taxi and tell him ‘Julia’s La Boca. Por Favor.’

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