Soup kitchen

The situation here in Camaguey is deteriorating. Due to the crisis, the blockade (embargo) and distribution issues food is hard to get by and expensive if you can find it.

The socially weak are getting hungry…

I live in a bad neighborhood (really bad :-)). And have set up a soup kitchen for the elderly that have no support. It’s becoming a social project and growing a lot of people helping.

I need about 25$ per day to feed around 50 people a good Caldoza and provide two people with a part time, paying, job. Funding it myself for now but since I make my money in tourism my income in May was 158$…

Making soup

You understand the problem in the long run. So if you want to join this project here’s a donation button…

We are in this for the long run… So we prefer a small monthly donation to a one time, big one.

Any help is welcome! Thanks

And If you are ever in Camaguey… We have great Caldoza (soup) here!