Corona virus measures Cuba

As of today 24/3/2020

If you have friends or relatives staying in Cuba,  please share this information with them urgently. 
I would also recommend that they contact their Embassies if they haven’t already.
They should also contact their Airlines urgently and look at getting themselves on any remaining flights as soon as possible.
As announced on Cuban TV tonight : 
1. No one allowed to go and wait for their family coming back to cuba. Cubans returning from tomorrow only allowed 1 suitcase and will be sent directly to an isolation center.
2. No nation Wide buses
3. All tourists that are still in hotels, have to be isolated. THEY CANNOT leave THEIR HOTEL, from tomorrow.
4. All tourists that are still in Casas, have to be isolated. THEY CANNOT leave THEIR Casa’s, from tomorrow.
5. All tourist excursions and outings are forbidden and cancelled. No tourists on the streets.
6. Car rentals are cancelled.
7. They will transfer all tourists from casas to hotels gradually.
8. All clubs are Closed within hotels 
9. No swimming and gyms are open.
10. All religious institutions need to stop doing their mass gatherings.
11. From Tuesday 24th, Police patrol will be reinforced, to ensure the people are following these measures.
12. Tourists in hotels will have daily medical checks twice a day.

update June 1 2020

The number of active cases has been declining for almost a month. The east is Virus Free! (no new cases for over two weeks). All measures still apply however. Cuba is very careful and personally I don’t expect any tourists this year :-(.

Update June 2021

Cuba is not doing well at the moment although it seems that the home brewed vaccins are starting to show effect in Havana and Santiago where inoculation started in March… We’ll see how this will play out.

As a tourist you have to go into quarantine in a hotel near your point of entry into the country. 5 days, two tests.

Rules changes every week!

Cuba is very transparant as you can see on the website of the MinSap