Rent a bike in Havana

Rent a bike forbidden Until recently, renting a bike was impossible in Cuba because Cubans were not allowed to rent their bikes. (Something with dirty profit and thus capitalism.) So now, with some pride and we like the guy so to promote him, we announce: Rent a Bike in Havana Ovidio (an old-timer of 73) […]

Cuba Embargo

The US embargo is hurting Cubans in different ways

Racism in Cuba

No racism According to the official channels racism does not exist in Cuba, but in daily life race is important. Looking at the number of expressions a language has to describe the subject can reveal the importance. Eskimos have 20 words for snow, and Cubans have twenty for race . Is that rasicm? In ascending […]

Cuba Propaganda


Propaganda… We have it too! “Always Coca Cola”, “Mc Donald’s, I’m loving it!” We have our kind of propaganda in our capitalist society. Our propaganda aims to make us consume particular products and services. If you are aware of this or not, it works… Ministry of Propaganda I do not want to get into the […]

Rent a Motorcycle in Cuba

Until recently people that wanted to rent a motorcycle could only rent 50cc scooters that were not fit to discover the whole island. And those are no real bikes at all.  Piaggio Something in between the scooter and a real bike is the Piaggio It’s not a real motor cycle but not a shitty scooter […]

Finding a fixer in Cuba

Everybody is a fixer in Cuba This blog is about finding a fixer in Cuba. Sometimes a fixer is worth his weight in gold; others just cost their weight in gold. You have to make the difference. Offers of fixers: Cuban streets are full of people more than willing to help you out. In the […]

Cuban Jobs

Thanks to its unique political system and the wages paid for work Cubans developed a range of jobs that do not exist anywhere else. You can’t live on a salary, even if you are a minister or director of a company. So everybody has a job next to his official designation. A few examples: We […]

Double currency hoax

There is a lot of confusion about currency and money in Cuba. Last update January 2022 A lot changed since Cuba abolished the CUC. But before we dive into that some history: A lot of people think, and a lot of websites claim that Tourists have to use CUC (Convertible Currency) and Cubans use MN […]

Taxi wars in Havana

last update 03/2020 Fixed route Taxi Many people in Havana depend on the old American cars that drive around as fixed route taxi. It’s simple. You stick out your arm horizontally and shout or signal your destination at the driver. He stops, you get in and get out, paying 10 or 20 MN depending on […]

How to buy a fridge in Cuba?

I need a fridge. Just a simple fridge. But I’m in Cuba, and nothing is simple here. How do you buy a fridge in Cuba? Fist you go to the store. Seems the obvious thing to do no? Then you get a heart attack when you see the prices. Here is a picture of the […]