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  • emily

    ive been to cuba many times. i have “family” there and now im going and want to find a place to stay of my own.
    they have no indoor plumbing and a shoddy kitchen and im helping them financially (its true) to slowly get things together. i love them like my family and have beautiful photos and great stories of how we all met.
    im looking to have a place there where i can go and just be. where they’
    will be able to come see ME. preferably in a nice town not really far.
    ive been around the island. just not sure where to go to look for that “place”
    any info from you would be teriffic. thanks.
    te via bien…..y amor! emily

  • conga

    You’ll have to be more specific Emily. You are looking for a nice place in a nice town close to your family… but were do they live?