Rent a Motorcycle in Cuba

Rent a motorcycle in Cuba

rent a motorcycle
rent a motorcycle


Until recently people that wanted to rent a motorcycle could only rent 50cc scooters that were not fit to discover the whole island. And those are defenitly no real bikes!

Cuba is relaxing it’s laws slowly and now you are able to rent a motorcycle! With some restrictions that is… It’s still Cuba!

You cannot just rent one (or two) hop on and discover the island. (Well, there is a way: find a foreigner that has temporal residency and a motor and is willing to rent it to you… I’ve done that a few times and it is great although the motorcycle had some problems.)

Brand new BMWs

To avoid those problems you can now rent a brand new BMW Enduro. That’s the perfect bike for the Cuban road conditions.

Profile organizes motor tours all over Cuba with those BMW F700 GS.

motorcycle adventure
motorcycle adventure

The advantage being that you and your group (individual subscriptions are welcome) always will have a guide and trouble-shooter with you. Cuba is bound to give you some trouble at some time. The guide speaks English and is a motor fanatic so you are in good company.

9 day motor tours

They organize 3 different tours, all 9 days. See their website for details.

The good thing about Profile is that they are very flexible. You can negotiate an individual motorcycle tour with them! (only company doing so).

I did a tour with them and the company was a great adventure! All bike enthusiasts like me. We had a ball and the bikes were perfect. (One broke down and got replaced within 4 hours!) That’s a miracle in Cuba!

motorcycle rental
Waiting for a new bike


Before you rent a motorcycle you should familiarize yourself with Cuba. It is a totally different culture and nothing is what it seems to you. Here’s for instance how to save a few ours upon arrival.

Or read this to understand it is really a different ball game!

We realise that we see Cuba in a different light than the main stream travel stuff… here’s how we handle the Jineteros. (And you will run into them!)