Love & Sex

This book is the specialised follow-up of the underground e-book Cubaconga, which you should read first, with lots more to tell about love and sex on Cuba.

If you did not read CubaConga, you would not buy this book. You will think it is way too expensive. Or you are throwing your money away on the internet without thinking. It costs a whopping 1 euro per page (17 pages, 17 euros). Dan Browns Angels and Demons would cost 578,– at that price (and it is a lot better written!).

Good info has value

After reading  CubaConga however, you will know what the quality of information is we are offering, and you will understand its value. Specialised information is worth a lot because it has a huge positive effect in it!

You better be awake if you want to dream…

This book will provide you with:

– Insight on the sexual mentality of the Cubans and how to handle that attitude best.

– It shows you how the system works and how you can use it to your advantage

– Makes you understand the almost weird sexual culture in Cuba.

In short, it will increase tenfold your carnal pleasures when on the Island while avoiding the hefty ‘no clue tax’ as explained in the original book.

Don’t buy it yet

Don’t buy it yet, read CubaConga first! On this page, we have a time-saving tip for you…

Ebook Love&SEx 17 euro  

Hasta Disfrute!

  • Pete

    interesting stuf

  • Zvonko Tatalovic

    This book looks so expensive. I like your Cuba Conga book but this one I can not afford.

  • It is actually very cheap :-)… contact me at 🙂

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  • teresa

    I can only say that even if your readers ignore the reality of Cuba, they deserve at least some respect. Your posts could be offensive (if it wasnt such an unrealistic picture of the truth) for Cubans and smart readers.

    If we don’t understand our ignorance on different cultures we can say every people different from ours has a “weird sexual culture”. It would only take a minimum of intelligence to understand that there is nothing weird about diversity. Cubans, just like any other people in the world have the same social, cultural, moral, economic, political, love core needs and their acts respond essentially to these needs.

    In your posts you make it sound as though Cubans always have a second intention when being nice to foreigners. Why don’t you go around and stay for a couple years in other countries. No, not a month once in a while or 5 months once in a while, stay for a couple years, full years, you’d be surprised to know that the Cuban monsters are not that diverse from the rest of the world as you would like them to be. There are partially good people and partially bad people everywhere, not monsters, monsters are only a reflection of our own twisted and paranoic minds (and I say partially cause everything is relative and circumstantial).

    The commision thing that “everybody” rips off from you is the same commision thing that you want to take from selling your stuff online or making referrals. Believe it or not Cubans are just new born on this matter. I know of people who decline that comission in favor of foreigners in Cuba. I know of people in other parts of the world who rip off their own family to get a monetary margin for themselves and also know of people in other countries that won’t charge you for a service or product just because they like you.

    The beggars that belong to tourism, do yourself a favor, go work in tourism for at least a couple years, you’ll get a real down to earth insight of how things really work. You make such a flat and categorical statement.

    I read in one of your posts that some Cubans need a monetary (or the like) help to stay honest. I don’t know what kind of people you got involved with in Cuba. If you decided to stick around the wrong people it must be because you and those people have things in common or because you only care about making a point not about finding the truth. Most people who were not taught the right values by their parents tend to behave accordingly, everywhere in the world. Those who were raised with high values enjoy poverty more than they would enjoy the money of someone who tries to buy them. Judgements could be a reflection of who we are. If a Cuban guy goes in America to look for prostitutes it wouldn’t be smart to go around saying that all american women are so. Yes, I bet so many foreigners have had a relationship with a cuban girl (or boy) that didn’t end up well but so many men want the most beautiful girl, maybe 20 or 30 years younger than them, then they go around saying they were deceived, no, these men deceived themselves. Anyways, I’ve seen women and men in other countries that marry for money and some that even kill to get the material benefits. Also parents that kill their children, daughters and sons that kill their parents almost on a daily basis and you come here to write a thesis or make a science out of the Cuban people, so sad. Like I’ve heard in some other countries: a Cuban young girl with an old man is a prostitute, a foreigner young girl with an old man of her country, then “love is blind”.

    It is ok that you want to sell your stuff online and you chose a subject that arises the interest of readers but all the bad things that you want to present as “specially nasty” when talking about Cubans have been around for centuries everywhere in the world. Hidden purposes everywhere in the world: people want a promotion, to get reccommended for a job, they want to close a deal, they want to find a love partner that can offer certain degree of protection, they want to seduce someone for a “one night stand”, they want to appear to others as compassionate people, you name it! EVERYWHERE.

    You can say that Cubans are late comers, that they don’t take everything that seriously as to the point of going crazy in front of difficulties, that they don’t get mad very often but when they do it is for real, that they express their emotions easily mainly when they care about something, yes, all and more true, but for the rest you’ll need to revisit your notes if you want to invent a science out of the Cuban people. They are neither better nor worse than the average human being, having the same core moves.

    I wish you good luck with the stuff you want to sell to your readers and if all the things you say about Cubans is what it takes to make a good sell then do as you please.


  • Sor

    I have read your reply to this guy, I totally agree with you, he does though introduce some interesting tips for here and there but about how the people do it is way to much, it is cruel and way out of his mind. He did write his experience in his way and you nail it, because that’s his way, the douchebag way. looking for the deal. Very poor Soul. I hope no bodies get his book. besides the book should be send to the authorities in Cuba to analyze it. I hate this kind of thinking towards people who are not from the first world bullshit group countries that all they do is steal from the poor non-stop. I have being reading info about Cuba lately and found a lot of: and I quote: ” I am thinking of going to Cuba and rent a car, I have being to Mexico and the roads were very nice to me, and the signals ” and shit like this on and on and on, like Mexico and Cuba are the same thing, I got ask a lot in Canada where I am from,…. Spain…. oooohhh! I have being to Cuba……… WTF. they are miles away from each other an entire ocean is in between….. or I have being to Mexico, or Costa Rica….. this people are ridiculous the way they think, the ignorance…. it’s soooo abundant. All the Spanish speaking countries are really really different from each other though british countries/colonies aren’t that different from each other, not going to get to deep in it anyways. I appreciate your words, they have inspired me today, right now, I think I just going to go to Cuba without research and let the adventure take over, and if something seems to be to expensive then I’ll just give it a pass and ask else where like everywhere else in this world.
    Muchisimas gracias.

  • You did not read the book did you? All your remarks are just responses to what you think might be in it… Waisting time…

  • teresa

    No dear, all my remarks come from some of the posts you wrote, which I
    read. I don’t need to buy your book to know what’s in it, otherwise, like you said, …. a waste of time.

    If the ideas
    you express in your posts are different from the ones in your book then
    there’s a huge lack of coherence. I truly expect not.

    Again, good luck with your book