Local Havana Hero

Finally, I did it! I’m HERO

A local one, that’s true, but I am a Hero 🙂 (just a local one).

What happened?

TripUniq a website that specializes in unique trips (the name gives it away) is expanding to Havana and they asked me to be one of their Local Heros… Their website is very user-friendly. You go there, fill in what you like (f.e. shopping… in that case don’t go to Havana). Good Food (yes! In Havana), culture, music or art (all plentiful in Havana). Type a short text about your wishes and pay up (in my case 7 Euro per day).

In the background, they have a very handy system, which I (your local hero) will use to put your individual trip advice in an app.

An offline digital friend

The app works fine off-line. You will get your tailor made trip advice and just follow the steps it outlines to get a unique Havana experience. I’ll throw in a few facts and absurdities to make it more fun.

I, as a local hero, specialize in the real Havana. So I (local hero) will show you the must-sees in the old town but we will soon go underground to make your experience unique.

No more hours of planning, no more doubts about what to do and you will not miss out on the good stuff!

Tino in TripUniqu, Your local Havana Hero

Now before you book me (or another local hero), please get to know my perspective.

Some people want to keep living the illusion of rum and salsa. (Once a girl told me so when I explained to her that the chicken was not as ecological as she thought because they are imported from Brazil and the States. She wanted to keep living the illusion!)…

That’s fine by me, but don’t read my book if you want to be delusional…

Prepare and read our book plz.

You can get it here and I’ll give you a small practical tip on the order page that will save you a few hours waiting time in Cuba…