Cuba Cheap

How to make Cuba Cheap

Here are a few tricks to make Cuba cheap, although it will never become as cheap as Asia.

Buy food at the market and prepare your own meals. This will bring down prices

Cuba cheap
Buy your food at the market

of feeding yourself by 80%

Eat in MN restaurants and cafeterias. A meal for 1.50!

Buy big 5 liter bottles of water and fill up your little bottle. Or just get your water from the tap.

Be a student and take your student card with you. Age does not matter

Buy, rent or borrow a bike or walk.

Negotiate a lot and about everything. That does not make you cheap… they will respect you for it.

Spent a few days at a Campismo, they are very cheap

Never arrive somewhere with a Cuban by your side.

Ignore everybody that talks to you on the street.

Don’t make Cuban friends.

Speak Spanish. Nothing drives up prices more than the inability to communicate.

Know what you owe and count your change.

Eat 5 pesos pizza (once).CubanPizza

Book your casa beforehand, using the Internet. Or mail us.

Stay away from the tourist areas.

Don’t believe anything anybody tells you.

Use MN whenever you can.

It can be fun to be cheap

Not all of these tips will enhance the fun you have, but they all bring your budget down.  There are other ways that make Cuba cheap and preserve the quality of your holiday. For those tips we refer to our book, which is cheap to, compared to the savings it will bring.

Your Spanish is good!

Nothing raises prices more than the inability to communicate. Learn some Spanish!

Actually you know more Spanish than you think.   Almost all words that have more that 3 syllables in English are derived from Latin and have the same meaning in Spanish.   Just pronounce: reservation, communication, vocabulary, direction, investigation or permission with a Spanish accent and you will be understood.

An exception would be ‘introduction’ (‘exception’ itself is no exception by the way), if you ask to be introduced to someone, you are asking if you could put part of yourself into the other person.    In Spanish, you present yourself

You see, your Spanish is already a lot better than you think.

During the next part, I will put the Spanish word between brackets just to show you how good your Spanish actually is. (to read that part.. you have to buy the book 🙂 though… Sorry…)

Save money, buy our book

No matter how hard you try, Cuba will never become cheap as long as you are not a Cuban. So the best tip to make Cuba cheap… become a Cuban… :-)… the second best tip is to read our book. We’ll give you a time saving tip on this page

You might want to understand the double currency system too.


  • Genevieve

    What does MN stand for? Thanks ahead

  • conga

    Moneda Nacional or the Cuban Pesos NOT the Convertible Pesos

  • Carlitos

    I was scammed in Havana in 2013 and was scammed in Cairo in 2010 and scammed in Barcelona, Rome, etc…and as long I am a tourist in any City in the world I will always be scammed for one reason or another.
    I think any book of this kind should make a strong reference to one thing that lacks around the world…COMONSENCE!!!
    And this book has it all!!!