Black market

The best market in Cuba is black

About 90% of the Cuban economy is unofficial. Although official channels have a very limited offer on the shelves, the black market provides almost everything. This leads to an interesting error of judgment most tourists make. We think when we hear that the average salary is about 15 $ and something costs 10 $ that the average Cuban will have to work 20 days to buy it. Sounds logical doesn’t it?

Well, thanks to the black market (la bolsa negra), things do not add up that way.

How to survive in Cuba

To live, Cubans in Havana need about 150-200 $ a month (outside Havana half that amount). If your salary is 15 and you need 200… you have to make some money on the side… Actually, the money you make “on the side” is your main income.

Black eggs
Black eggs

Every Cuban is forced to be active on the black market somehow. And they all are. This renders the “official salary” a useless way of measuring prices. Real incomes are higher that you are told and real prices are lower than you think.

Thanks to the black market in Cuba, people are able to survive, make money, buy goods and since this is not in the official statistics, we make a very wrong estimation of the real situation.

Find the black market

For a tourist this black market is sometimes hard to find. Yes, taking an illegal taxi is easy, but finding an iPad or a fish tank will be very hard for you… Cubans are always on the lookout for contacts that can supply them stuff or that can become customers for the stuff they happen to sell. Their networks are very efficient and that makes for a very efficient black market.

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