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2016 Edition

Welcome to the underground: CubaConga is a ‘secret’ and anonymous Cuba travel guide. Watch the video and understand why this guide is different and why we can only be so because of our undisclosed identity:

Yep, I know… Glad I write better than I talk 🙂

This site and its books have been created to help you make the best of you trip to Cuba. We are not politically correct nor are we Disneyficators… We tell the truth as we see it.

Cees: CubaConga should be mandatory reading for everybody that really wants to know Cuba!

Yane was so satisfied she made a video 🙂

Thanks, Yane we are grateful!

Cuba travel guide guarantee:

The eBook comes with a very simple guarantee: You don’t like it, for whatever reason, you will get a 100% refund. So it is a risk free read!

So, if you want to know more about the real Cuba, buy our book. We assure you that you will see Cuba with open eyes!

The book is not just a bunch of blog posts joined together… We go a few levels deeper in CubaConga than here on the web.

Please get yourself some insight you’ll find nowhere else and get it now. On the ‘get the ebook page’ I’ll give you a tip that will save you a few hours in Cuba.


  • Stephanie

    It’s hilarious and very informative! So glad I read this book before I went to Cuba! Encountered almost all situations you talk about!

  • conga

    Gracias Stephanie,
    Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Jose

    Insight full and funny!
    Loved it

  • John

    This book is like walking the street with a knowledgeable friend that shows you the ropes how to discover Cuba

  • Ludmilla

    Very practical, very down to earth, very funny and very informative!

  • sylvain


    i’m french!! i want your book but this book is read in french language?

    muchas gracias!

  • “The Best Cuba Travel Guide on the Internet | valuable tips about traveling the real cuba”
    was a fantastic blog. If solely there was significantly more blogs like this particular one on the net.
    Nonetheless, many thanks for ur precious time, Laverne

  • Ales Urbanczik

    The book makes great reading even if you are not going to Cuba.
    Thanks ! Ales

  • Catherine

    What’s the problem bought the book but no download, error message on the link says downloaded too many times!

  • It’s a technical glitch Catherine… The book is in your inbox now. We’re sorry

  • Federica M. Cumer

    Hi there! I have the same problem: the download link does not work. I already sent you an e-mail. Please help 🙂

  • Should be in order now Federica please look in your inbox… Sorry… We seem to have a technical problem wich keeps popping up…
    Enjoy Cuba!

  • Federica

    Perfect, thank you! Super-fast and super-kind assistance! For now I will enjoy the guide, and soon I hope to be enjoying Cuba 🙂

  • Dan Hassett

    I ordered your ebook, and the payment has been processed through PayPal, but I have received nothing and have no download link. Please help.

  • Mike Lilley

    I ordered your ebook today and the payment has been processed through PayPal, but I have received nothing and have no download link. Please sort it out. I have checked JUNK.

  • a little delay is possible we are sorry for that, checking every sale manually… please check your mailbox as we right now have send you the book.
    Enjoy Cuba!

  • Charlie

    I ordered your ebook, and the payment has been processed through PayPal, but I have received nothing and have no download link. Please help. Not in my junk folder. Is this a scam, have I been ……..

  • gerrardo

    Does the e book cover santiago, holguin, trinidad santa clara?

  • We strongly believe that all problems are solved now

  • Lori

    Can I buy a hard copy of this book? I don’t have a kindle.

  • No you can’t :(. The pdf opens in Any e-reader or can be put on you smartphone. If you really want a hard copy you could download it and as soon as you get te Havana have it printed in the (yes THE) copy shop right in front of the Havana Libre. That is an interesting excusion in itself!!! Not easy to find but very interesting indeed!

    Or you can print it yourself of course!

  • Je suis desolé mais mon francais n’est pas sufficient pour ecrire un livre..

  • Everything works now… we had some trouble finding the bug and had to sent it manually for a while… now all automated again :-)… we’re having a mojito!

  • It is not a travelguide like the Lonely Planet, it covers Cuban mentality. So in a way ‘yes’ because you will find Cuban mentality in those places. But if you are looking for a place to eat or sleep… no…

  • Annie

    Just bought Cuba Conga – it’s brilliant! Very informative and enlightening, and it’s very funny. Feel like I’ve got an insight into Cuba that you could only get from visiting there many times, or having a very long chat with a local.

    Couldn’t recommend this book more, it is definitely worth buying. It helps so much with loads of local info – really helpful to read the chapter on money and avoiding scams – plus it’s a really good and entertaining read.

    Highly recommend.
    Can’t wait for my trip now!


  • I’m blushing Annie!!!

  • Christopher Serrano

    Just purchased your book, the link sent to my email seems to be corrupt and wont open in any of my devices. Please help, thank you!

  • Will find you a solution… please check your mail

  • Christopher Serrano

    That was fast, thank you very much for mitigating the issue so quickly..looking forward to the read!

  • para servir!!! 🙂

  • The most fascinating country. You will love it, especially if you love photography. Wonderful people just trying to get by like the rest of us.

  • Fernando Cabanillas

    I ordered your ebook, and the payment has been processed through PayPal, but I have received nothing and have no download link. Please help.

  • You’ve got mail Fernando!

  • Fiona Cleutjens

    I also ordered the book. But didn’t receive anything yet?

  • Now you have 🙂

  • Jessica

    Do you think it will be a problem to bring Siracha hotsauce and stuff like that over the border? I saw on this checklist thing that it is ok but am not sure. Any info will help http://cubaauthority.com/cuban-travel-checklist/

  • No problem at all… and you should if you like spicy
    Taste is in short supply in Cuba

  • Jessica

    So I’ve heard. . Staying at Villa Tortuga or something. Thursdays dinner is fish heads according to trip advisor lolol

  • Cheryl S

    I bought this book several weeks ago as I am leading tours to Cuba on a regular basis and wanted inside information. Conga says: “nothing is as it seems in Cuba” That’s a very accurate statement! I have started playing the game and it is fascinating! Conga gets it right on all the levels! Although I am only between level 2 and 3, I am getting better every day. Cuba is delightful, warm, inviting, difficult and a hot mess all at once. You must go to Cuba and you must read this book before you go. Looking forward to Love and Sex. 😉

  • Victor Cajiao

    Bought the book and found it super useful. I’m Cuban but have not been back in 48 years. Going in December and this book let me get hip to how to navigate my homelands with a 2016 perspective. Honest talk about how it really is. Great job

  • Muchas Gracias Victor!

  • D. Eric Maikranz

    I have been to Cuba one time before. I understood there was a game on the second day, buy the fourth day I started to play the game.
    After reading CubaConga, I really understand the game and I am now much better prepared for my next trip. You will save the cost of the book in the first half day of your visit.

  • Shannon Hayes

    I just ordered your e book and I cannot open the link. It did not go to spam or trash either.

    Can you help me out please?



  • Shannon Hayes

    Sorry…I found the link and tried to open it but it is zipped. How do I get into it? I have downloaded it already

  • for unzipping files use 7zip or winzip for mac

  • enjoy the game!

  • Patrick McEntee

    Read the book yesterday. My appetite whetted for a third visit ! Great advice and most helpful. Muchas gracias!

  • Julie Jones

    I have purchased your travel guide but when I try to open the download link on my iPad it says that safari cannot download this file. Do you know how I can resolve this?
    I have downloaded an e book reader so I don’t think this is the problem.

    Thanks in advance,

    Julie Jones

  • hi Julie we just send you the book in your email

  • Mai-Phuong Hoang

    Hi, I have ordered your ebook, but not have received any email with the ebook yet. Please assist. Thanks

  • first step always is to check spam and unwanted mail.. .second best is to send an email to cubabookconga@gmail.com and will get back to you asap

  • Welcome!